Long After Hannibal Had Passed With Elephants
Poems and Epigrams

by Alan Jones


ISBN-13:  978-0-9646466-0-5
ISBN-10: 0-9646466-0-9
PRICE: $10.00 Regular Edition
$50.00 Signed and Numbered Edition

EP 1: ALAN JONES's first book of poetry, LONG AFTER HANNIBAL HAD PASSED WITH ELEPHANTS: POEMS AND EPIGRAMS, gives no quarter to "pristine post-modern pain." Caustic love lyrics in the tradition of Catullus.

ALAN JONES is the co-author of The Art Dealers (1984), now in its fourth edition. He was the publisher of the poetry magazine, Address (1987), and a contributing editor of Arts Magazine.

First edition paperback, OCTOBER 1995, 64 pp., sewn, bound and printed in Italy, with a two-color cover and a black and white photograph of the author on the frontispiece.