LA SALLE DES PIEDS PERDUS: Drawing / Zeichnung.

by Abraham David Christian

Published by Edgewise Press

LA SALLE DES PIEDS PERDUS: DRAWING / ZEICHNUNG by ABRAHAM DAVID CHRISTIAN is published by Edgewise Press, Inc. The Special Limited Edition includes a book with an essay by Richard Milazzo and an original 14 x 9” drawing by ABRAHAM DAVID CHRISTIAN. Each of the twenty-two graphite on paper drawings are mounted on archival board, and signed and numbered by the artist. There are five additional drawings, lettered A through E, and signed by the artist. The book and the drawing are encased in a box, 19 x 13”, in two colors, custom made in Turin, Italy.

For a description of the drawings and their role in ABRAHAM DAVID CHRISTIAN’s sculptures, along with biographical notes on the artist and the author, refer to EP 8.

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