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>> EP 1 Alan Jones
              Long After Hannibal Had Passed With Elephants: Poems and Epigrams

>> EP 2 Bruce Benderson
              Toward the New Degeneracy: An Essay (2nd Edition)

>> EP 3 Peter Halley
              Recent Essays, 1990-1996 (out of print)

>> EP 4 Nanni Cagnone
              The Book of Giving Back: A Poem

>> EP 5 Jonathan Lasker
              Complete Essays, 1984-1998

>> EP 6 Cid Corman
              Tributary: Poems

>> EP 7 B.H. Friedman
              Swimming Laps: Stories and Meditations

>> EP 8 Abraham David Christian
              La Salle des Pieds Perdus: Drawing / Zeichnung

>> EP 9 Remo Guidieri
              Too Late Too Early: An Essay

>> EP 10 Rackstraw Downes
              In Relation to the Whole: Three Essays from Three Decades, 1973, 1981, 1996
              (2nd Edition)

>> EP 11 Demosthenes Davvetas
              Architecture of Tears: Stories, Poems, Aphorisms

>> EP 12 Mary de Rachewiltz
              For the Wrong Reason: Poems

>> EP 13 John T. Spike
              Dissimilar Revelations: Essays on Neolithic Art, Fra Angelico, Velázquez, Goya,
              and Cézanne

>> EP 14 Vik Muniz
              Natura Pictrix: Interviews and Essays on Photography

>>EP 15 Saint Clair Cemin
              Fragments of a Mind: Stories and Comments on Art, 1987-2004

>>EP 16 Enrico Pedrini
              Irreversibility and the Avant-Garde: An Essay on Physics and Modern Culture

>>EP 17 Nanni Cagnone
              Index Vacuus: Poems

>>EP 18 Robert Burke
              Every Occupation in America: Photography and Reflections on Earning a Living

>>EP 19 Joseph Masheck
              The Carpet Paradigm:  Integral Flatness from Decorative to Fine Art

>>EP 20 Peter Nadin
              The First Mark:  Unlearning How to Make Art
>>EP 21 Ross Bleckner
              Examined Life:  Writings, 1972-2007
>>EP 22 Joseph Nechvatal
              Towards an Immersive Intelligence:  Essays on the Work of Art in the Age of Computer
              Technology and Virtual Reality, 1993-2006
>>EP 23 Andrew McCarron
              Mysterium: Poems

>>EP 24 Brunella Antomarini
              The Maiden Machine: Philosophy in the Age of the Unborn Woman

>>EP 25 Peter Halley
              Selected Essays 1981-2001

>>EP 26 Peter Nadin
              Taxonomy Transplanted: Art, Language, Farming

>>EP 27 In the Language of Barbarians, I Would Tell You Stories

>>EP 28 Rackstraw Downes
              Nature and Art are Physical: Writings on Art, 1967-2008

>>EP 29 Donald Baechler
Victim of Improvement: Telegrams, Stories, Letters, Monologues, Interviews, 1985-2006


>>Abraham David Christian:
              La Salle des Pieds Perdus: Drawing / Zeichnung

>>The Gifts / I Doni: Gold / Oro - Frankincense / Olibano - Myrrh / Mirra (art and literature)

>>Richard Milazzo:
              Jonathan Lasker: Expressions Become Things — From Sketch to Study to Painting

>>Ross Bleckner:
              My Life in The New York Times (art)

>>Ross Bleckner:
              A3: Our Lives in The New York Times

>>Joan Bankemper:
              A Good Run with Sal Scarpitta, 1983-1990 and Scarpitta / Bankemper:  5 + 10

>>Daniel Rothbart:
              Seeing Naples: Reports from the Shadow of Vesuvius